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Calypso bulbosa var americana, New England

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Cactus (c) David Tibor

(c) David Tibor



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Dyssodia pentachaeta, Grand Canyon AZ

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Wildflowers, California Coast



Plant Science & Law

This page provides links and information on the science and law of rare plant and general natural resource management. 

On this page: 

Botany and Conservation Science
Invasive Exotic Species
Conservation Law - Reports and Analyses
Case Law - Summaries of Recent Federal Endangered Species Act Case Law

Key Issues

Plant and Conservation Science Links


Penstmon grahamii, UT
(c) Sue Martin
Pima Pineapple Cactus, AZ (c) Lorena and Dan Moore Pineapple Cactus, AZ (c) Lorena and Dan Moore

Invasive Exotic Species 



Conservation Law 


Endangered Species Act Case Law

Digests of Recent Federal Endangered Species Act Cases

*For more information on these cases go to The Center for Biological Diversity



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Cutleaf Beardtongue, GA
(c) Hugh and Carol Nourse




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